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Revell Advent Calender Porsche 356

Part No:

Price: 64.00

Approx: 62.93 / US$69.86 Tax Free

Buy any selected plastic kit and get a 10% discount off the price shown, buy 4 or more and get a 15% discount off each model.

Take up the challenge and build your dream car in 24 days with the Revell Advent calendar. Everything you need is included so you will be able to proudly hold your homemade model in your hands by Christmas.

The 356 Type set the standard for the Porsche myth and its design with its exciting curves and became the template for all sports cars from the Zuffenhausen factory.

Porsche 356 Coupé easy-click kit
Multi-colour parts. No painting. No gluing
Sticker sheet
Assembly instructions
5 aqua colours for you to add some extra detail if you want
Sandpaper file
Modelling knife
UK customers must be 18 years or over to purchase this product

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