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Romarin Sea Jet Evolution

Part No:
Price: 169.99

Approx: 167.16 / US$185.57 Tax Free

Romarin Racy water sportsman with brushless electric drive

After many successful years, the time is ripe for a successor to the Romarin by Krick Sea-Jet – the Evolution.

The new Sea-Jet has been both optically and technically overhauled and re-designed. Learning from the modern competition Race-Jets, the optical appearance is significantly racier than its predecessor. To improve its roll stability, the hull has been made wider and lower.

To give the Evolution the power it deserves, we have designed the Evolution to use twin brushless drives. So that the power can be translated into thrust, the props are directly mounted to the motors, therefore no gear boxes or drive-shafts to sap the power. A centrally mounted rudder and optimised hull shape guarantee high manoevrability.

With these attributes, the new Romarin Sea-Jet is best prepared to take part in the Evolution class of the Sea-Jet Cup.

Set contents
• Hull, deck and seat in vacuum formed ABS-plasticf
• Rubber section rubbing strip
• CNC-routed ABS-plastic parts for drive and RC-installation
• Multi-piece driver figure in plastic
• Steering wheel and mirror in injection moulded plastic
• Drive shafts Ø 4 mm with stuffing tubes (2x)
• Propellers Ø 33 mm (left and right hand rotations)
• Dagger board and mounting
• Hardware/small parts for assembly
• Multi coloured decals
• Multi-lingual instructions
• Boat-stands

Item number
R1268 Brushless Drive Set with Brushless-Electric motors ROXXY® Inrunner 28-4507 (2x), Navy direct couplings (2x), Cable and Plugs

Drive type Electric motor
Length approx. 685 mm
Width approx 240 mm
Height approx. 370 mm
Total displacement approx. 2100 g

RC functions
Rudder, Motor control

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