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Romarin Comtesse Sailing Yacht with Fitting Set

Part No:
Price: 265.00

Approx: 258.37 / US$267.20 Tax Free

Comtesse Sailing Yacht Kit with Fittings Set 1073

The Comtesse is the image of a typical sailing yacht of the 70s and 80s. These rugged, mostly GRP boats still make up the classic image of marinas across Europe. There are numerous models from diverse shipyards and on the basis of this shapely hull many original yachts can certainly be modelled and equipped with numerous individual details.

At the same time, this shapely yacht offers very good sailing characteristics for the demanding sailor and is ideal for a relaxed afternoon at the lake. Thanks to its streamlined hull with moulded keel fin, the elegant Comtesse achieves remarkable speeds in light wind conditions. But even with stronger breezes can be easily sailed, as it is a capsize-safe keel boat. With its simple design and balanced handling, it will make it much easier for newcomers to model sailing.

With Comtesse, of course, all courses, from “cruising” against the wind to sailing “in front of the wind”, can be sailed effortlessly using the rudder and the sail adjustment, so that any point can be controlled and then sailed back to the starting point. The fittings set contains many visible fittings such as lamps, wheel and parts for the steering column, winches, stanchions and more.

The pictured wing keel is an optional part that significantly improves the sailing characteristics and righting moment of the Comtesse. This keel is also a good option for many other sailboats.
Kit Contents
- One-piece ABS hull (no bonding of the hull and deck required) with integral keel fin
- Deep drawn cockpit and sliding hatch
- Lasered frames and parts for interior work as well as sliding hatch and boat stand
- Ready-to-install plastic rudder with shaft
- Ready-cut sail, one-piece aluminum mast, aluminum booms
- All fittings for the sail
- Detailed construction manual
Technical specifications
Lenght about 950 mm
Width about 230 mm
Height about 1500 mm
Total displacement 3200 g
Mast height about 1200 mm
Sail area 30 dm2
Draft 210 mm
Ballast content 1800 g

Rudder control, Sail adjustment, motor control (optional).

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