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Papegojan 1:96 Scale Nr.34

Part No:
Price: 25.96

Approx: 25.09 / US$26.39 Tax Free

Papegojan Paper Model No. 34
scale 1:96, length: 37,5 cm

Papegojan (Parrot) classic Dutch Pinnace armed with 16 guns, bought by Sweden in 1623 year. Took part in battle of Oliwa in 1627 year. There are two sets of flags in Papegojan paper model - Dutch flags and Swedisch flags. The first publication of Swedisch ship from The Battle of Oliwa.
•53 colour photographes (printed on exclusive paper)
•Color photos of finished models
•10 pages (A3) with drawings
•10 pages (A3) with parts to build model
•2 pages (A3) with drawings masts, yards and sails
•Flags printed on canvas paper
•Ship history in three languages: Polish English and German
•Building description translated in four languages: Polish, German, English, French
•Laser-cut ship skeleton

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