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Nordic Class Boats Mariefred Swedish Passenger Ship 1:32

Part No:
Nordic Class Boats
Price: 219.00

Approx: 211.70 / US$222.65 Tax Free

Swedish passenger steamer from 1903

The steamship Mariefred was put into service in 1903 on the Stockholm-Enhörna-Mariefred line. Since then it has operated on this line under the same name, with a few changes on board and with the same steam engine. She is one of the few still actively operated steamships in Sweden and is always being restored and maintained as a souvenir.
The Mariefred kit is basically equipped as a standing model with laser-cut keel and ribs. The model can also be remote-controlled quite well. All fittings are made of cast metal and brass. Assembly instructions with individual perspective sketches explain the assembly.

Technical specifications:
Length 930 mm
Height 320 mm
Width 160 mm

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