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New Maquettes Surcouf Escort Ship

Part No:
New Maquettes
Price: 523.00

Approx: 514.28 / US$570.94 Tax Free

New Maquettes Surcouf
The Surcouf, escort of Navy T47 type squadron, sailed at Lorient in 1951, launched in 1953, was put into service from 1955 to 1972.

The first in a series of 18 squadron escorts, the Surcouf has been designed as an anti-aircraft and anti-submarine escort. Armed with 3 x 127mm turrets, 3 x 57mm turrets, 4 x 20mm cannons, 3 x 550mm torpedo tubes and 3 x 550mm anti-submarine torpedo tubes. 128.60 m long, it reached the speed of 34 knots.
On June 6, 1971, around 4 am, off the coast of Cartagena, the Surcouf was approached by Soviet tanker General Busharov, who cut him in half.

Plank on Frame Construction
Scale 1:100
Length 1286mm
Width 126mm.

Please Note: We can only recommend these kits for the experienced builder as the instructions are in French. An experienced builder should have no problems as the plans are fairly comprehensive and have individual items broken down into diagrams.

Complete hardware included in the kit:
turrets of 127 and 57 mm
torpedo tubes, long and short, 4 torpedo cranes
20 mm cannon
front and rear radars
front and rear rangefinders
2 speedboats, 2 boats, 30 rafts
4 davits
1 rear winch and 4 deck winches
2 propellers, propeller shaft tubes and shafts, 2 propeller chairs
4 scales of cut
1 rudder
2 sheets SURCOUF and decal D621
25 cabin doors
front and middle hatches, 12 deck entrances
2 projectors, 1 headlight, 1 position light
10 buoys Ø 8 mm
10 mooring bollards
2 pennant holders
railings (350 cm of brass threads)
75 portholes Ø 4 mm
75 cm of chain n ° 4
2 hawks
2 anchors and 2 anchor outlets 8 mm

Model designed to receive radio controlled equipment
Propulsion: 2 engines (not supplied)

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