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Moon Bus Aurora 2001 Space Odyssey

Part No:
Price: 54.95

Approx: 54.03 / US$59.98 Tax Free

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The Moon Bus is the surface-to-surface transport vehicle of the lunar exploartion program of the United States Astonautics Agency, carrying passengers and cargo from Clavius Base to the archaeological dig at Tycho Crater, where a momentous discovery has been made - a mysterious monolithic artifact which may hold the key to the future of humanity.

Moebius Models 1:55 scale styrene kit of the Moon Bus is an authentic recreation of the famous fictional space vehicle, and a reproduction of the classic kit which was first released back in 1969!

The kit features:

Detailed interior
Pilot figures
Passenger figures
Removable roof section
Measures nearly 10" long when complete
Requires paint and glue to complete - sold separetly.

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