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EVA Pod - 2001 A Space Odyssey

Part No:
Price: 259.99

Approx: 251.33 / US$264.33 Tax Free

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As seen in Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Extravehicular Activity Pods - EVA Pods - are small one man transports designed to move outside of a spacehsip, often to provide maintenance and carry out complex tasks with arm and hand controllers. EVA pods are self sufficient vehicles equipped with maneuvering and life support systems, including a pressurized interior which allows the astronaut to perform an EVA in the pod without having to wear a full space suit.

This 1:8 EVA pod model kit will feature a fully detailed interior that has been designed to be lit up (not included) and will measure nearly 10” tall when built. As with other Moebius Models, the EVA pod will be supplied in a full colour box and include detailed building instructions.

Kit Features:
• Highly detailed plastic model kit
• Meticulous research for superior accuracy
• Superior fit and crisp accurate detailing
• Completed kit is 10” tall and 11.5" wide!
• Skill level 3 - ages 15 and up
• Detailed interior
• Poseable manipulator arms
• Opening rear hatch
• Full interior/exterior decal set
• Comprehensive instructions
• Glue and paints are required to complete - sold seperately

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