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Modell-Tec Follabuen Nordic Fishing Boat 1:25

Part No:
Modell Tec
Price: 235.00

Approx: 231.08 / US$256.54 Tax Free

Modell-Tec Follabuen Nordic Fishing Boat 1:25
The MS Follabuen was built at Sletta Batbyggeri in 1959. The boat was registered in the fisheries register as ST-32 and was equipped with a 125HP two-cylinder engine. The boat was later fitted with hydraulic steering and a larger 210 HP engine. After new owners at Bomlo purchased the boat its new registration number was H-52-B

The Follabuen was mainly used for sea fishing along the Trondelag coast and in fjords fishing for herring.

Scale 1:25
Length: 760mm
Width: 210mm
Height: 475mm

Kit includes:
Cabin interior details
3D printed detailed resin accessories
Remote control ready design

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