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Model Trailways Horse Drawn Hearse 1:12 Scale

Part No:
Model Trailways
Price: 124.99

Approx: 122.91 / US$136.45 Tax Free

Model Trailways Horse Drawn Hearse 1:12 Scale
Originally, the wooden or metal framework over the coffin was called a hearse. It was decorated with numerous spikes to hold burning candles. Sometime in the 17th century, people started using the word to refer to not only the construction above the coffin, but to the vehicle that carried the casket to the grave. Early hearses were hand-drawn. As time went on, families started to choose rural cemeteries instead of traditional church grounds. Caskets had to be transported greater distances. People wanted to go out in style and ordered elaborately decorated coffins in exotic woods. The hearses became fancier and heavier. They needed horsepower, not manpower. The first American horse-drawn hearses date back to the mid nineteenth century. A typical horse-drawn hearse of that period cost about $1,500.

Historically accurate, highly detailed model
Laser cut basswood parts
Basswood wheel rims & spokes
Cast Britannia metal axles & shafts
Machine turned aluminum wheel hubs
Photo-etched brass ornamentation
5 sheets of detailed plans
48-page illustrated instruction manual Instructions & prototype model by Ken Foran

Length: 13” Height: 8” Width: 5” Scale: 1:12

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