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Model Trailways Hook and Ladder Wagon 1:12 Scale

Part No:
Model Trailways
Price: 184.00

Approx: 177.86 / US$187.06 Tax Free

Model Trailways HOOK & LADDER WAGON
1:12 Scale Wood & Metal Kit

American building grew taller, many people perished in fires because of inadequate ladders. It became obvious that taller ladders were needed. Soon, the hook & ladder with tall mechanically powered ladders was developed. Its primary purpose was more a matter of rescue than extinguishing the fire.

Although this 1890 wagon was a transitional design with two rings on the rope handle to engage a hitch for a horse, it was hand pulled. The horse came after the fire house had enough money to buy one.

Historically accurate, highly detailed wood & metal model
Plans taken from an 1890 hook & ladder wagon on display at the Wayne County Historical Society, Ohio
Laser cut basswood & precision cast Britannia metal parts
Spoked wooden wheels with metal hubs
4 sheets of clearly drawn plans
44 page illustrated instruction manual

Length: 27"
Height: 25" with ladder extended
Width: 5"
Scale: 1:12

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