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Model Shipways Norwegian Sailing Pram 1:12

Part No:
Model Shipways
Price: 47.00

Approx: 45.83 / US$47.40 Tax Free

Model Shipways Norwegian Sailing Pram 1:12 Scale Kit MS1471

So many would-be modelers want to begin by building a huge 100-gun ship of the line. Most of those very expensive kits get started but never finished. The job is much too complex and the poor builder hasn’t acquired the skills needed.

For this second, intermediate kit, some previous knowledge is necessary in order to be successful. If you have already built the Model Expo Lowell dory kit, you are well prepared. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend you do so first, as you will learn valuable techniques, tips and methods that will come in very useful for this model. I’d hate for you to give up in frustration because you lack some basics first.

Model overall length 12 1/2", width 4", height 15 1/2" Baseboard: 3 1/2" by 7"

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