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Model Shipways Katy of Norfolk 1:48

Part No:
Model Shipways
Price: 144.00

Approx: 141.60 / US$157.20 Tax Free

Model Shipways Katy of Norfolk 1:48 Scale Kit MS2001
Toward the end of the 18th century, Virginia built boats were used as pilot boats from the Delaware Capes to Hatteras. Between 1785 and 1805, these fast and handy vessels were also used by the British and French navies as dispatch boats and tenders. The French developed a preference for them as privateers, and inflicted severe losses on the British merchant marine. During the American Revolution and the War of 1812, the U.S. government issued privateering commissions to many privately owned vessels of this type.

• Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
• Machine carved hull reduces building time
• Laser cut wooden parts for easy building
• True-to-scale cast metal, brass and hardwood fittings
• Includes 3 diameters of rigging line and cotton sailcloth
• Two sheets of detailed plans
• 40 page step-by-step instruction manual

Length 20”
Height 18”
Width 4”
Scale 1/4” = 1 ft.

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