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Mini Mamoli HMS Beagle 1:135

Part No:
Price: 49.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 48.74 / US$57.07 Tax Free

H.M.S. Beagle was built around 1817. Class: barque. Length: approx. 28 m. Equipment: 8 guns (before transformation). Used at first as a coasting vessel. It was subsequently equipped for scientific observations which led it across the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans to the most distant lands. A mizzen-mast was added so that the ship could be more easily steered along the coralreefs of the Pacific Islands, thus transforming Beagle into a barque. 27th December 1831: Beagle sailed from Plymouth, England for a long exploration voyage with one of the most famous scientists on board, Charles Darwin, who formulated his famous theory of evolution.

Scale 1:121
Length: 350mm
Height: 220mm

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