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Master Korabel Schooner Polotsk 1788 1:72 Scale

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Master Korabel
Price: 188.00

Approx: 184.87 / US$205.24 Tax Free

Master Korabel Schooner “Polotsk” 1788, the 14-gun schooner of F. F. Ushakov fleet, Scale 1:72
A detailed woden kit of the 2-mast schooner, reconstructed following archive documents and drawings. An easy to build internal hull design allows the kit to be built even by non-experienced model builders. The design compensates the material bending, so there is no need for the preliminary straigthening of the frames or the keel frame, if they have any bends.
The kit has double planking, with pre-cut planks, both draft and finish.

Schooner “Polotsk” was built on Sicily in 1777.

Initially, the schooner was used as a privateer ship against Turkish trading ships. However, having come short of speed to the military vessels of the enemy, the schooner became the loot of the Turkish fleet very soon, as a part of which arrived in 1787 to the East coast of the Black sea during Second Russo – Turkish war (1787-1791 years). According to various reports, the schooner was purchased, or requisitioned in the form of indemnity by the Russian side and handed over by Bulgakov to the Black sea fleet, in which allotted in 1788.
After moving to Sevastopol, ex-pirate, renamed to “Polotsk”, became part of the F. F. Ushakov flotilla, where served as a signal-repeating ship. Participated in the war with Turkey 1787-1791. In 1788 participated in the battle near the island Fidonisi. From 16.09 till 06.10.1788 the ship went out in the cruising to the Anatolian shore headed by and flying the flag of captain 2nd rank D. N. Senyavin. On 19.09.1788 the group bombarded the Sinop, destroyed the coastal battery near Bonn and burned the warehouses, sunk or captured 11 Turkish transport ships with cargo.

In 1792-1798 yearly the ship “Polotsk” was in the squadron in the practical sailing in the Black sea. In December 1799 went out from Nikolaev with supplies for the squadron of Admiral F. F. Ushakov, who was in the Mediterranean Sea, and gone missing (presumably crashed near the Danube throats).

However, underwater archaeological research, conducted by “The Black sea underwater research center” in the fall of 2013, suggests that the shipwreck is buried in the waters of the Karkinit Bay off the West coast of the Crimea.

The built model has the following dimensions:
Length: 580 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 456 mm
Scale: 1:72
This wooden kit features:
- A special hull design, that compensates the materials deformation
- Pre-cut double planking
- All details are laser cut
- The marked bevel on frames
- Detailed text, photo instruction and drawings
- Patterns and cloth for sail sewing

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