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Master Korabel Tender Avos 1806 1:72 Scale

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Master Korabel
Price: 148.99

Approx: 146.51 / US$162.65 Tax Free

Master Korabel Tender “Avos” 1806, the 8-gun tender of the Russian-American company trading fleet,
A detailed woden kit of the 2-mast schooner, reconstructed following archive documents and drawings. An easy to build internal hull design allows the kit to be built even by non-experienced model builders. The design compensates the material bending, so there is no need for the preliminary straigthening of the frames or the keel frame, if they have any bends.
The kit has double planking, with pre-cut planks, both draft and finish.

Short historical reference

The 8-gun tender “Avos” was launched on 1st July 1806 ?. in Novo-Arkhangelsk in Alaska (now Sitka, USA). It was a first ship of the Russian-American company’s trading fleet.

On 27th of July 1806 tender “Avos”, commanded by 22-years old warrant officer Gavrila Davidov and crewed by 12 local craftsmen, departed on a secret expedition to establish the interests of the Russian Empire in the waters around of the Southern Kuril Islands and the Sakhalin. The expedition also included the ship “Juno” and it was generally guided by lieutenant Nicolay Khvostov
During 1808 shipping season tender “Avos” under command of lieutenant Sukin was shipping goods to America.

On 11th of October 1808, while sailing from Kadiak to Novo-Arkhangelsk, during the storm, tender “Avos” was wrecked near the coast of Chichagov island near the Alexander archipelago.

Tender “Avos” had a short, but a legendary fate in history of Russia, America and even Japan, which had mixed assessments of the historians, but widely known because of world popular first Russian rock-opera by A.Rybnikov and A.Voznesensky “Juno and Avos”. It told us about the adventures of the Russian sailors and the selfless love on the coast of California of Russian ambassador Nicolay Ryazanov and young María Concepción Argüello (Conchita).

The built model has the following dimensions:

Length: 420 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 420 mm
Scale: 1:72

This wooden kit features:
- A special hull design, that compensates the materials deformation
- Pre-cut double planking
- All details are laser cut
- The marked bevel on frames
- Detailed text, photo instruction and drawings
- Patterns and cloth for sail sewing

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