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Master Korabel Cannon Jolle 1801 1:72 Scale

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Master Korabel
Price: 79.00

Approx: 76.36 / US$80.31 Tax Free

Master Korabel Double Boat of the Russian Empire fleet 1736-1737
A detailed wooden kit, based on the archive drawings and documents. A rather simple rigging, along with the special hull design, which compensates the material deformations, make this model great even for a newbie model maker.

Short historical reference
Homeland of a cannon jolle is considered to be Sweden.
The basic designs were made by famous Swedish shipbuilder of English origin - Fredrik Chapman. Their construction began from the 70s of the XVIII century. Unlike the gunboat, jolles were cheaper and required less time to build then gunboats.
Heavy artillery weapons and good maneuverability with a small crew, small displacement and insignificant draught allowed to conduct operations in the most hard-to-reach areas, to gain crews of people who do not have a good maritime training. The main disadvantage of small rowing sailing vessels was the lack of shelter; the result is that people constantly were on the upper deck, not having shelter at night and in bad weather.
During the Swedish war 1788-1790 years, Russia, which had captured the enemy’s gunboats and jolles, quickly appreciated the advantages of the new type vessels and started to build them in the next year. By the beginning of the summer of 1789 the Baltic fleet managed to put 63 gunboats built in Russia, descended from slipways of Volkhov, Galley, Revel, Villmanstrand and Fredrikshamn shipyards.

In general, the appearance of Russian gunboats and jolles in the Baltic, tragically for the Swedes, who invented them, had a decisive preponderance in benefit of Russia, which affected the results of the Swedish war of 1808-1809. Small vessels are fully bound in the maneuver the joint Anglo-Swedish fleet in the Finnish skerries and that allowed the Russian land-based armies to freely advance along the coast.

The built model has the following dimensions:
Length: 215 mm
Width: 56 mm
Height: 120 mm
Scale: 1:72

This wooden kit features:
- A special hull design, that compensates the materials deformation
- The marked bevel on frames
- A single-layered pre-cut planking
- All details are laser cut
- Detailed text, photo instruction and drawings

- Patterns and cloth for sail sewing

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