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Master Korabel Brigantine Phoenix 1:72 Scale

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Master Korabel
Price: 212.03

Approx: 204.96 / US$215.56 Tax Free

Master Korabel Brigantine Phoenix 1:72 Scale
A detailed wooden kit of the 2-mast brigantine (modern name for its rigging type is “brig”), reconstructed following archive documents and drawings. An easy to build internal hull design allows the kit to be built even by non-experienced model builders. The design compensates the material bending, so there is no need for the preliminary straigthening of the frames or the keel frame, if they have any bends.
The kit has double planking, with pre-cut planks, both draft and finish.

Short historical reference
Cruiser vessel 12-gun brigantine 'Phoenix' became part of the Black Sea Fleet in 1787. The crew included 52 people. It participated in the war with Turkey in 1787-1791. In 1788, as part of the squadron of Rear Admiral Count M.I. Voinovich it went to sea in search of the enemy, took part in the battle near the Island of Fidonisi. In 1789, as part of the detachments and squadrons, repeatedly went to sea in search of Turkish ships.
In 1790, with a squadron of Rear Admiral F.F. Ushakov, along with other cruiser vessels, it searched for Turkish ships, took part in the blockade of Anapa, participated in the battle near the Kerch Strait. In the battle near Tendra Island it captured a 10-gun Turkish brigantine.

In 1791 it went again to the search of Turkish ships to the coast of Tauris and participated in the battle at the Cape Kaliakra. In 1794, it was in practical voyage with the squadron in the Black Sea, and in 1795-1797 - in the Black and Azov Seas.

It participated in the war with France 1798-1800, was used as a transport ship. In November 1798 came from Sevastopol to Corfu with provisions for the squadron of Vice Admiral F.F. Ushakov. In December 1798 it brought to Avlon the requirement of F.F. Ushakov to Ibrahim Pasha to send Turkish troops to storm Corfu. At the beginning of 1799, it was with the squadron in Corfu, blocking the fortress. In March as part of the detachment, it left Corfu escorting transport ships with captured Frenchmen, it went to Messina and arrived in Toulon. In 1801 and 1802 it sailed between the ports of the Black Sea. The brigantine has been disassembled after 1803 in Nikolaev.

The built model has the following dimensions:
Length: 590 mm
Width: 220 mm
Height: 440 mm
Scale: 1:72

This wooden kit features:
- A special hull design, that compensates the materials deformation
- Pre-cut double planking
- All details are laser cut
- The marked bevel on frames
- Detailed text, photo instruction and drawings
- Patterns and cloth for sail sewing

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