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Mamoli Santa Maria Flagship of Columbus 1:50

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Price: 249.00

Approx: 244.85 / US$271.83 Tax Free

Mamoli Santa Maria
What were the ships of the great discovery of the New World like? Tradition always speaks of three caravels, a swift ship with a light hull, several masts and various sails. Scholars advise that, in reality, Columbus’s fleet consisted of 2 caravels, Nina and Pinta, and of a “nao”, Santa Maria, a boat with 3 masts, 2 square sails and a lateen sail, and equipped with a foredeck that places it among the class of carracks. However, don’t be deceived by the small size of the Santa Maria. The strong construction, the nautical knowledge of the time, together with the perception of the great sailor allowed such a great enterprise. The year 1492 is a historical date known all over the world.

Scale 1:50
Length 790mm
Height 565mm

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