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Mamoli Mayflower 1:70

Part No:
Price: 150.00

Approx: 147.50 / US$163.75 Tax Free

Mamoli Mayflower
During 1609, the Pilgrim Fathers, members of an English separatist church in disagreement with the state church caused by their strong religious conviction, moved from the Low Countries to escape from the threat of imprisonment. Deciding to start a new religious and civilized community, they chose to emigrate to the New World. On board the Mayflower, a minor galleon of three masts displacing 180 tons, they reached the coast of Virginia in 1620 where they ratified the „Mayflower Compact“, the constitution of a real state, the first nucleus of the United States of America.

Scale 1:70
Length 480mm
Height 400mm

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