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Mamoli Lleudo Merchant Vessel 1:32

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Price: 139.00

Approx: 136.68 / US$151.74 Tax Free

Mamoli Lleudo Merchant Vessel
The origins of the Leudo are rather uncertain. According to suppositions with a basis in truth, the Leudo comes from a type of medieval boat with two masts inclined towards the prow with lateen sails. Afterwards, it would have lost the foremast, replaced by a bowsprit with jibs, which made manoeuvres easier. The hull had a characteristic egg shape with an accentuated bend in the beams. Thanks to its characteristics, it was able to sail in conditions of very bad weather, even unbearable for stronger hulls. Two wooden bulkheads divided the hold into three parts: the prow and the poop sections were used to store the sails and to lodge the crew, the middle section, which was wider, contained the cargo. It was in fact a cargo boat displacing from 15 to 20 tons and was used for the trade of small concerns in the Mediterranean Sea, such as hardware, agricultural tools, hand-manufactured goods, and clothes.

Plank on frame hull construction
Scale 1:32
Length 652mm
Height 441mm

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