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Mamoli La Gloire 34 Gun French Frigate 1:90

Part No:
Price: 270.00

Approx: 263.25 / US$272.25 Tax Free

Mamoli La Gloire
Classic frigate, belonging to the French Navy at the end of the XVlll century, Equipped with 26 12-oound guns on the battery deck, besides 4 6-pound guns and 4 carronades on the main deck. La Gloire was planned by the shipbuilding engineer, Guignace, and was launched at St, Malo in 1778, The model is the reproduction, scale 1:90, of the snip curing the first year of navigation, with the bottom painted white. One year later, in June 1779, like with many other ships, the submerged part of the hull was sheathed with copper plates to protect it from corrosion.

Plank on frame hull construction
Scale 1:90
Length 840mm
Height 635mm

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