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Mini Mamoli HMS Bounty 1:135

Part No:
Price: 49.00

Approx: 48.18 / US$53.49 Tax Free

The name of Bounty, a frigate of the British Navy, is permanently tied to her captain Bligh and to the vicissitudes which caused the crew to mutiny. The ship set out for Spithead in December 1787, final destination Tahiti. On the return voyage, owing to the strict discipline imposed by the captain, a certain discontent began to spread through the crew and it soon turned into munity. Christian Fletcher, the boatswain, took command of the ship and forced Bligh to board a lifeboat with 18 still faithful men. After a dangerous navigation of more than 4000 miles, Bligh reached the Isle of Timor and afterwards England. The Bounty went back to Tahiti.

Scale 1:135
Length: 335mm
Height: 260mm

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