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Mamoli Brittania British Regatta Yacht 1:64

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Price: 170.00

Approx: 167.17 / US$185.59 Tax Free

Mamoli Brittania
Designed by G.L. Watson, the yacht Britannia was built at the request of Edward VII, Prince of Wales at that time. It is considered by the English as the most important and representative racing yacht of its time. It is difficult to conceive a drawing that would make its lines be considered old-fashioned.

This is the type of hull whose beauty is evident at first sight. The quality of the construction has stood the test of time. The rigging, on the contrary, underwent every modification that science and yacht fashion suggested. Britannia maintains an exceptional record of victories.

Plank on frame hull construction
Scale 1:64
Length 760mm
Height 930mm

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