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Krick Rescue Jet Boat

Part No:

Price: 354.00

Approx: 342.20 / US$359.90 Tax Free

Krick Rescue Jet Boat
Rescue Jet KJ20 is a true-to-the-original very fast jet boat that is used for rescue, police, pilot and many other purposes.
High speed, great maneuverability and the possibility of sailing in very shallow waters, characterize these boats and the model. Equipped with two jet drives like the originals, this is a real driving pleasure. But the Rescue Jet also cuts a fine figure as a free-standing model on the shelf with its many original details.

The hull, deck and superstructure are made entirely of white fiberglass.

The great robustness and the fine detailing characterize this production method. An inner deck, which can be masked in rough seas, and on which the separately available interior of the model is attached, is also included.
The kit also contains the rear hatch and window frame milled out of aluminum-colored plastic, the windows, pre-bent railing wires and all plastic fittings, some of which are 3D-printed, as well as a plotted decal sheet for the lettering.

Technical specifications
1:15 scale
Length overall 610 mm
Width 220 mm
Drive 2 Minijet 20

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