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Krick Borkum Island Supply Vessel with Fittings

Part No:

Price: 448.00

Approx: 440.53 / US$489.06 Tax Free

Krick Borkum
The Borkum is a typical North Sea island supply vessel from around the turn of the century. This model is just right for those wishing to realize their own ideas in relation to additional fittings, loads, etc. The way the kit is equipped leaves hardly anything to be desired.

The Borkum kit is very easy to build, the hull is made from vacuum formed ABS and is fully CNC cut at the deck. All wooden parts are laser cut for accuracy. Screw shaft and pipe as well as prop and the rudder linkage are included in the kit. Also included is the complete fittings kit for this model

Scale 1:12
Length: 900mm
Beam: 330mm

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