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Joysway Orion V2 Yacht RTR 2.4GHz

Part No:
Price: 137.00

Approx: 132.44 / US$139.29 Tax Free

A perfect introduction to yachting the Joysway Orion V2 is easy to assemble and will have you sailing in no time. Not only does it look great in this bright colour scheme it really performs in the water too. A high quality 2 channel 2.4GHz radio system comes pre-installed for you, including the 36g sail servo and 9g rudder servo. The hull is moulded from tough plastic and the booms are made using strong lightweight fibreglass tubes.

Hull Material: Plastic Molded
Mast Height: 637mm
Length: 465mm
Height: 920mm
Weight: 950g
Radio System: 2 Channel 2.4GHz (Inc.)
Beam: 150mm

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