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Joysway Mad Flow V3 F1 Brushless ARTR 2.4GHz

Part No:
Price: 213.00

Approx: 209.45 / US$232.53 Tax Free

Joysway’s Mad Flow F1 Brushless ARTR Boat is faithful to the styling of the ultra competitive F1 tunnel-hulled boats, even featuring a convincing dummy outboard motor!

A removable top deck reveals the included, water cooled brushless motor and ESC, 9g servo and 2.4GHz receiver. Joysway’s 2channel radio completes the package and includes trim functions offering precise control. Requires an 11.1v 1300mAh battery and appropriate charger.

The Mad Flow motor is not prone to overheating motors thanks to its fully functional water cooling system. The boat sucks water up into the hull through a series of plastic tubing, the cold water is then pumped through the Electronic Speed Controller, before being blasted from the back of the boat via the brushless motor keping that at an optimal temprature, too.

• Powerful water-cooled brushless motor!
• Water-cooled brushless speed controller
• Self-righting design
• Tough moulded plastic hull
• Display stand included

Length: 590mm
Beam: 225mm
Electric Motor: Brushless
Speed Controller: Brushless
Includes 2 Channel RC Controller
Requires 11.v Battery & Charger - Sold Separately

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