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Joysway Focus II 1-Metre Yacht RTR 2.4GHz

Part No:
Price: 332.48

Approx: 324.17 / US$335.25 Tax Free

Joysway Focus II 1-Metre RTR 2.4GHz
This is the new and improved updated version of the original Joysway Focus. With strengthening throughout and an updated rigging structure.

Master the elements with Joysway's new Focus Yacht. A large, 1 metre long yacht, this model is sure to cause ripples at the local pond or boat club. Factory finished from quality durable components and requiring just "AA" type batteries to complete. Quality 2.4GHz radio and sail winch servo included.

Mast Height: 1578mm
Sail Area (Overall): 52.73dm2
Sail Area (Jib): 15.88dm2
Sail Area (Main): 36.85dm2
Hull Material: Plastic Hull with Paint Finish
Length: 995mm
Width: 170mm
Height: 2046mm
Weight: 3450g

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