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ICM Grosser Kurfurst WWI German Battleship 1:350 Scale

Part No:
Price: 39.40

Approx: 38.08 / US$40.05 Tax Free

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Konig class battleships were famous vessels of the Kaiser German Navy of WWI period. Totally four sisterships: “König”, “Großer Kurfürst”, “Markgraf” and “Kronprinz” were commissioned in 1914-1915. These battleships took part in all affairs with the British Grand Fleet. In the battle of Jutland (May 31, 1916) they formed the 3d Squadron of German Fleet and damaged many British ships. In 1917 they participated in companies against Russian Navy in Moonsund. After the armistice was signed “König” class battleships with all German Navy were interned at Scapa Flow, where crews have sank them June 21, 1919.

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