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Hitec HS85BB Mighty Micro Servo Top BB

Part No:

Price: 17.34 incl. VAT
Approx: 19.25 / US$17.77

The HS-85BB features a high power motor for greater speed and torque.The HS-85BB is the choice of modelers looking for a high performance servo without breaking the bank. The ball bearing supported output shaft and sturdy gear trains are preferred for smaller glow and electric airplanes, helis and sail planes.

Motor Type : 3 Pole Ferrite
Bearing Type : Top Ball Bearing
Torque 4.8/6.0v : 3.0 / 3.5 kg.
Speed 4.8/6.0v : 0.16 / 0.14 second
Size : 30x12x30mm, Weight : 16.6g.

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