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Heller Le Glorieux 1:150 Scale

Part No:
Price: 92.99

Approx: 91.44 / US$101.51 Tax Free

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This ship was built in the reign of Louis XV. It was laid down in Rochefort in 1756 from plans drawn by Clairin-Deslaupiers.It was classed as a 74 guns ship, and a special peculiarity is a copper bottomed hull. This lining practice became general much later, after 1770. If enabled the hull, and notably the bottom to be proof against worms and other parasites.LE GLORIEUX carries 74 guns, sited as: 28 36-pounders on the first battery deck, 30 18-pounders on the second battery deck and 16 8-pounders guns on the forecastle.As with all 74 gun vessels, LE GLORIEUX had no port shutter in the second battery.Like all ships built early in the XVlllth century, LE GLORIEUX has a round backed superstructure.ln 1779, it was among the ships forming the Comte d'Estaing’s squadron, also known as the American Squadron.It was a part of the Blue Fleet, whose flagship was “LA COURONNE”.

Contains: 870 pieces
Skill level: Advanced

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