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Heller Citroen 2CV 1:24 Scale

Part No:
Price: 24.98

Approx: 24.57 / US$27.27 Tax Free

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Citroen 2CV The 2 CV was presented for the first time at the 1948 motor show, 12 years after the start of the design study. It was launched by the Citroen Director, Mr. Boulanger, who had always wanted this remarkable vehicle. He had personally laid down the broad lines in 1936, describing them thus: "four wheels under an umbrella", and adding that the new car "should be able to cross a field full of eggs without breaking one". At least this is what the legend says... This ugly shaped car was not the work of a famous stylist; it was the cold and logical result of a design study by engineers. Nevertheless the 2CV quickly demonstrated its unexpected capabilities: to such an extent that the delivery delays continued to grow, and reached 6 years in 1950. The 2 CV evolved through many stages of modification, without losing its character, even when it adopted colors which were brighter but more delicate than its original metal grey. It still remained just as practical, and this "rural" vehicle soon obtained a degree of success with the urban clientele which had never been expected by Citroen. Over the years, the power and performance of the 2 CV were increased considerably, but it still retained its unbelievable road holding on all surfaces and in all weathers. Although major modifications have taken place and none of the parts of the 1948 model 2CV can be found in the 1990 model, it cannot be denied that the engine is the only one of which it has been possible to double the maximum RPM and triple the power output without adversely affecting its durability.

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