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Victory Models HMS Fly Upgrade set

Part No:
Price: 38.16

Approx: 37.21 / US$38.48 Tax Free

Put together by Amati with the help of Chris Watton, the designer of Victory Models kits, a special HMS Fly extra detail pack to further enhance the model.

Included is;
Laser cut walnut ply full cannon carriage set (to replace the cast metal carriages)
120 1 hole 2mm blocks to rig the cannon
20 metres of 0.10mm diameter thread to rig the cannon
Photo etched set of monograms and flintlocks for the cannon barrels
Photo etched footrope stirrup set (to replace the wire versions in Fly)
Photo etched hammock cranes and stunsail boom fittings
Photo etched upgraded (new and stronger design) deadeye and futtock strops
Photo etched boat equipment
Ships boat
English flag set

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