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Excel Woodworking Set Wooden Box

Part No:
Excel Tools
Price: 36.40

Approx: 35.49 / US$35.79 Tax Free

Buy any Excel tools and get a 5% discount off the price shown.

Includes Excel K5 handle along with 6 assorted blades, 5 assorted gouges, and 4 assorted routers
Ideal for precision cutting, trimming, carving, and chiseling of wood, plastic, rubber, clay, and more
Includes a Teflon covered magnetic strip to help in holding blades securely
Made in the USA

13pc Hobby Knife Set in Wood Box - Set includes:
#1 Light Duty Knife
#2 Medium Duty Knife
#5 Heavy Duty Knife,
10 Assorted Blades.

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