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Dumas Winter Harbor Lobster Boat #1274

Part No:
Price: 291.00

Approx: 286.15 / US$317.68 Tax Free

Dumas Winter Harbor Lobster Boat #1274

New England style Lobster Boats have long been a popular subject for R/C enthusiasts and, after many requests, Dumas decided to introduce its take on the classic Maine lobster fisher. And we're delighted it did. The kit is predominantly a wood model that utilises die and laser cut parts along with a balsa planked hull. Featuring a console, davit, pot hauler, traps and even a tool box, this is a boat that's big on detail. As with all Dumas kits, a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual guides you comfortably through the build process.

1x Running hardware kit (#2381).
1x 6V electric motor (#2025).
1x Electronic Speed Control (ESC).
1x 7.2V NiMH battery.
1x NiMH battery charger.
1x Tx / Rx combo.
1x Suitable rudder servo.

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