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Dumas US Coastguard Fast Response Cutter #1275

Part No:
Price: 348.00

Approx: 342.20 / US$379.90 Tax Free

Dumas US Coastguard Fast Responser Cutter #1275

Sleek, fast and modern the fabulous 154 foot US Coast Guard Sentinel-Class Cutter is a fast response vessel forming part of the Coast Guard’s modern Deepwater Program. Coast Guard boats have always held a prominent position in the Dumas range and as the most up-to-date USCG boats on offer this one is sure to make a splash. This beautifully detailed exact-scale model is constructed of wood and expanded PVC that utilises die and laser cut parts, the whole topped off with a 108 piece cast metal fitting set. It's certainly an eye-catcher!

Scale 1:48

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