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Dragon German Z-38 Destroyer 1:700 Scale

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Price: 23.50

Approx: 22.71 / US$23.89 Tax Free

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German Z-38 Destroyer 1:700 Scale
Germany produced a total of 15 Zerstorer 1936A-class destroyers, which the Allies referred to as the Narvik class. They were actually closer in size to a light cruiser than a destroyer, and they were known only by their hull numbers and didn’t receive any name. They sported powerful 5.9-inch guns, with the last three destroyers constructed by F. Krupp Germaniawerft AG in Kiel. Z38 was the penultimate destroyer of the class after being commissioned on 20 March 1943. One of its first combat missions was to escort the Scharnhorst battleship, and near the end of the war it operated in the Baltic Sea as German forces retreated. Z38 had a combat displacement of 3,691 tons and required a crew of 330 sailors. After WWII it was seized by the UK and used as a test ship under the name Nonsuch before being scrapped in 1950.

Dragon has earlier offered 1/700 scale kits of the Z31 and Z39 destroyers, and they're now being joined by their sister Z38. This new kit comes the accurate bridge and aft platform of Z-38. As with Dragon's earlier destroyers, this kit is produced with the highest levels of engineering and molding excellence. The destroyer can be assembled as a full-hull or waterline-hull kit, while a comprehensive selection of photo-etched parts are available to upgrade the sophisticated plastic components. This is a stunning kit, and when the Z31, Z38 and Z39 trio is alongside, they allow modelers to discern the development process of this important class of Kriegsmarine warship.


One waterline or one full-hull version can be assembled
Photo-etched FuMO 27 radar rendered accurately
Sumatra radar faithfully replicated
Intricate bridge rendered w/authentic details
Square life rafts are realistically produced
Detailed funnels w/photo-etched funnel cap grills
3m rangerfinders produced w/finest details
53.3cm torpedo launcher reproduced
Accurate workboat and captain's boat included
Detailed winch and detailed mine rails accurately replicated
Realistically detailed slide-molded gun barrels w/hollow ends
Slide-molded 15cm twin turret
12.7cm single turret delicately reproduced
3-directional slide-molded 15cm gun turret
Single AA gun w/finest details
Well-crafted 20mm Naval-vierling
3.7cm twin AA gun w/fine details
Upper hull w/undercut details realistically represented

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