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Corel Scotland Baltic Ketch Yacht 1775 1:64

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Price: 91.00

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Corel Scotland Baltic Ketch Yacht 1775 AASM56
The Scotland, a ship dating back to the end of the eighteenth century, belongs to the category of the Baltic Ketch Yachts and was chiefly used for the transport of goods and passengers, also on rivers and the most important lakes.
While being traditionally a work boat, so-called because it was mainly used for commercial purpose, the Scotland can be distinguished from the multitude of different kinds of relatively small boats, that is to say, those between 50 and 60 feet long, by its impressive sails and the pleasing and soft lines of the hull.
Even Chapman himself, in a note dated 1775, mentioned this type of ship because of the purposes for which it was used, but he called it "Galeas, a Baltic Vessel"

Scale 1:64
Length: 430mm
Height: 415mm
Planking: Double

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