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Corel La Toulonnaise 1:75

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Price: 155.00

Approx: 149.84 / US$157.59 Tax Free

Corel La Toulonnaise AASM52
Launched in Toulon on 13 August 1823, the TOULONNAISE served in the Spanish War under Captain Joursin, was stationed at Barcelona and then sailed to Cadiz where it took part in the bombardment of the port. In 1832 it was completely overhauled at Brest and parts of the internal and external gunwales, the waterways and the planking of the bridge were replaced and the entire poop deck superstructure was redone.

Our model is based on drawings taken from a large size model in a famous French museum. The high level of pre-preparation of the components and the numerous diagrams contained in the box make this model very easy to construct, expressly designed for beginners.

Scale 1:75
Length: 655mm
Height: 450mm

Corel Wooden Model Ship Kits
Since 1971 the Corel "fleet" has been sailing the seas!

COREL has been making model kits for period and modern ships since 1971, and enthusiasts will know about their high quality, the best materials, almost no plastic parts, good quality wood in various shades, cast and gilded metal decorations, photoetched parts in brass or copper, and everything provided for easy assembly of the model.Every modeller will appreciate our "fully pre-cut" system. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly. You will appreciate our new catalogue. All COREL model boat products are listed and illustrated.Our products will give pleasure and new impetus to enthusiasts at home and abroad.

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