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Corel HMS Bounty 1:130 Scale Corelline Starter Kit

Part No:
Price: 47.00

Approx: 45.44 / US$47.79 Tax Free

Corel SM104 HMS Bounty - Solid Carved Wood Hull Kit - Scale 1:130

Designed for first time wood ship modelers ... Corels' new kits combine the simplicity of the painted hull plus the moderate challenges of planking the deck and rigging the masts and spars.

Kit consists of a near-perfect hull only requiring a bit of sanding; 3 diameters of rigging rope, laser-cut deck and transom parts, cast metal fitting including anchors, lifeboats and cannon; brass eyebolts and decorative fittings. Beech and mahogany strips are destined for deck planking as well as hull battens. A cloth screen-printed flag tops off the mast and a cradle with name plate allows you to proudly display your creation.

Five sheets of life-size plans take you step by step through the build. Instructions are detailed and are in English, Italian, German and French. A detailed parts list is there too.

Welcome to the world of serious ship modelers.

Length 330mm
Height 250mm
Width 55mm

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