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Corel Amphion 18th Century Swedish Yacht 1:40

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Price: 225.00

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Corel Amphion 18th Century Swedish Yacht AASM20
Designed and built as a fast vessel for the use of King Gustav III of Sweden, the Amphion was also used in naval battles such as the Battle of Svenskund, playing a role in the defeat of the Russians. Launched in 1778, she was built to a design of Fredrik Chapman in the Djurgarden shipyard in Stockholm. Chapman was the first naval architect to codify the design of the hull on the basis of precise mathematical ratios, rather than relying exclusively on empirical methods common at that time. The ship was schooner-rigged and this, together with the tapered line of the hull, gave her exceptional sailing qualities. The Corel model is based on original documents of the period and shows the ship as it looked in 1790.

The Corel Amphion wooden ship model is an accurate reproduction of the real Swedish Yacht. This plank-on-frame wood ship model kit by Corel is double-planked in limewood and walnut, with laser-cut wooden keel and frames. Other wooden parts are provided in beech, tanganyka and mahogany. Fittings are rendered in brass, hardwood and gilded metal. Twelve brass swivel guns, rigging line, sailcloth and display base with gilded metal nameplate are all included. The kit also includes seven sheets of plans and a well-illustrated instruction booklet.

Scale 1:40
Length: 785mm
Height: 620mm
Planking: Double

Corel Wooden Model Ship Kits
Since 1971 the Corel "fleet" has been sailing the seas!

COREL has been making model kits for period and modern ships since 1971, and enthusiasts will know about their high quality, the best materials, almost no plastic parts, good quality wood in various shades, cast and gilded metal decorations, photoetched parts in brass or copper, and everything provided for easy assembly of the model.Every modeller will appreciate our "fully pre-cut" system. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly. You will appreciate our new catalogue. All COREL model boat products are listed and illustrated.Our products will give pleasure and new impetus to enthusiasts at home and abroad.

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