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Corel Al Bahran Arabian Dhow 1:50

Part No:
Price: 105.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 98.88 / US$119.88 Tax Free

Corel Al Bahran, Arabian Dhow 1:50
The model reproduces a typical dhow used in the waters surrounding the Arabian peninsula for fishing and coastal trading. During the colonial occupation, the Italian Navy armed them with 37 mm guns.

Scale 1:50
Length: 575mm
Height: 465mm

Dhow is the generic name of a number of traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with lateen sails used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region. The exact origins of the dhow are lost to history. Most scholars believe that it originated in China between 600 B.C. to 600 A.D. Some claim that the sambuk, a type of dhow, may be derived from the Portuguese caravel. Centuries old in design, boats like the Al Bahran are still used in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf for fishing and coastal trading. During the colonial occupation, the Italian Navy armed them with 37 mm guns.

The Corel Al Bahran wooden ship model is an accurate reproduction of the real Arabian Dhow. Corel's Al Bahran plank-on-bulkhead model ship kit contains pre-cut hardwoods and an abundance of fittings. Double planking in beech and tanganyka is supplemented by beautifully hatch marked decorative strips running along the stern section. Blocks, barrels and buckets are beech, boxwood and walnut. Rudder hinges, transom decorations and nameplate are brass. Kit also includes four brass swivel guns, sail material, flag and three sizes of rigging line. Detailed plans and step-by-step instruction book ensure trouble-free completion.

Scale 1:50
Length: 575mm
Height: 465mm
Planking: Double

Corel Wooden Model Ship Kits
Since 1971 the Corel "fleet" has been sailing the seas!

COREL has been making model kits for period and modern ships since 1971, and enthusiasts will know about their high quality, the best materials, almost no plastic parts, good quality wood in various shades, cast and gilded metal decorations, photoetched parts in brass or copper, and everything provided for easy assembly of the model.Every modeller will appreciate our "fully pre-cut" system. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly. You will appreciate our new catalogue. All COREL model boat products are listed and illustrated.Our products will give pleasure and new impetus to enthusiasts at home and abroad.

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