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Billing Boats Hoga Pearl Harbor Tugboat

Part No:
Billing Boats

Price: 155.00

Approx: 151.13 / US$156.30 Tax Free

Billing Boats Hoga Pearl Harbor Tugboat B708
The tugboat was approved by the US Navy on May 22, 1941 and dubbed "YT146 HOGA", after which it was stationed at the 14th Fleet District Pearl Harbor.

After almost half a year of service, HOGA was put on a bigger test than ever had expected, namely the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. HOGA fought for 48 hours to extinguish fires, tow bombings of warships, and to rescue sailors from the drowning death. Today, HOGA is the only existing vessel after the Japanese attack.

Plank on Frame Construction
Scale 1:50
Length 62cm
Height 31cm
Beam 15.5cm

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