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Billing Boats Henriette Marie Pilot Cutter

Part No:
Billing Boats

Price: 63.00

Approx: 60.90 / US$64.05 Tax Free

Billing Boats Le Bayard
Henriette-Marie is the first pilot cutter known from Le Havre. Built in 1847, it was piloted until 1890. The Henriette-Marie was a fast and very maneuverable boat, its crew consisted of 2 men and a ship’s boy. The pilot cutters were nicknamed the Swallows of the Channel because of their liveliness and their black hulls with white flags.

Instructions are in:

French, English, Danish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Height: 420mm
Length: 440mm
Width: 100mm
Scale: 1.50

Billing Boats Level: Advanced Beginner

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