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Artesania Latina Messerscmitt BF109 Metal Kit

Part No:
Artesania Latina
Price: 619.99

Approx: 609.66 / US$676.82 Tax Free

The very important German WWII fighter airplane Messerschmitt BF 109 has returned to be a scale model 1/16 made of high quality metal and plastic thanks to Artesania Latina. A fantastic modeling kit for advanced modelers that includes many moving parts and, in addition, as a bonus ... LED lights, engine and base in methacrylate!

1:16 Scale

This fabulous miniature is 22.24’’ length, 24.40’’ width and 8.07 height, without forgetting its 3.52 lb of weight.
Great realism! Also provided by its moving parts. Propeller movement too.
Bonus! A methacrylate base with nominative plate so that the airplane model is perfectly exposed.
Bonus! LED lights of position in wings and tail, and also in the scorecard.
System of tabs that allows the assembly of the aircraft structure almost without the use of glue.

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