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Aquacraft Wildcat EP Brushless Catamaran TTX300 2.4GHz RTR

Part No:
Price: 217.94

Approx: 210.68 / US$221.58 Tax Free

Aquacraft Wildcat EP Brushless Catamaran
The Wildcat EP Catamaran will make your introduction to brushless model racing very easy. Wildcat's hull shape, motor, drive system and battery have been uncompromisingly configured for high performance, combining speed, operational stability, and huge enjoyment at an affordable price! Now equipped with the ergonomically-shaped sensitive Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system.

Hull Length: 673 mm
Beam: 229mm
Weight: 907g
3S LiPo battery with minimum 25C and 2000mAh capacity, charger & (4) "AA" batteries

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