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Aquacraft Paradise FRP Sailboat TTX410 RTR (Blue)

Part No:
Price: 217.94

Approx: 214.31 / US$237.92 Tax Free

Aquacraft Paradise FRP Sailboat
The Paradise is the ultimate in RC relaxation at the lake!
Not only does the Paradise sailing boat come with a factory-fitted 2.4 GHz RC-system, even the rigging is taken care of. There is no need for any tools, and sanding and painting have also been done for you. As the Paradise is powered by the wind alone, all you need to get under way are some ''AA'' batteries and a trip to the lake!

Hull Length: 660mm
Beam: 135mm
Height: 1285mm
Weight: 1360g
Includes: 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX410 RC-system
Requires: 8 "AA" batteries

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