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Aquacraft Mini Wildcat Catamaran RTR (Red)

Part No:
Price: 132.98

Approx: 130.77 / US$145.17 Tax Free

Aquacraft Mini Wildcat Catamaran RTR
Model boat newcomers can plunge into RC boat racing right away with AquaCraft's Mini Wildcat. Even experienced boat racers will also enjoy it. Twin electric motors provide high speed over the water with very little noise, making it ideal for lakes and ponds close to the neighbourhood. Just 38 cm in length, this boat can be operated almost anywhere. With waterproof hatch covers and water-cooled motors, Mini Wildcat comes fully equipped and READY TO RUN.

Length: 375 mm
Width: 125 mm
Weight: 480 g
(4) "AA" alkaline batteries

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