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Aeronaut Ramboline: Push Lighter

Part No:
Price: 176.95

Approx: 174.00 / US$193.17 Tax Free

Aeronaut Ramboline
The Ramboline is a non-scale model of a push lighter for use in combination with the Ramborator. The lighter features an RC-operated bow flap, which can be actuated by a sailwinch or a 180° servo.
Loads of up to 14.3 kg can be carried in the vessel. The size of the loading area is sufficient to transport a 1 : 14.5 scale articulated truck.
The model is sub-divided into eight watertight compartments. The RC system components are housed in the stern. A bow thruster can be installed in the bow if required.
The model is of ABS construction. All the ABS parts are supplied accurately laser-cut, and all parts are keyed together by tab and slot before being glued. The watertight hatches for the RC components and bow thruster are retained by screws.

The Ramborator model is not included in this kit and can be ordered separatel with the item no. 3048/00

The model kit contains:
All the parts required to build the model, fittings and building instructions.

Length 1188mm
Width 329mm

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